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Defective Products

Everyone has purchased a product at some point in time that either does not work properly or does not function in the way that that particular product should. However, even if the product does not work correctly (or at all), the maker of the product still has an obligation to design and manufacture a safe product. When a product is used that was not made safe and someone is then injured as result of that unsafe product, a claim for a defective product then can be made against the maker of the product. Defective products – or products liability, as it is often called – is the area of law where manufacturers are held accountable for their unsafe products. Defects products are generally found in three main areas: manufacturing defects (something happened in the manufacturing process to make the product unsafe); design defects (the product was manufactured correctly but is inherently dangerous due to the design alone); and marketing defects/failure to warn (neglecting to properly warn the consumer of a known risk or hazard of the product). Defective products can be found in a multitude of places, including (but certainly not limited to) defective vehicles, tools, medical devices, toys and dangerous drugs/medicines.

Why do you need an attorney?

Defective products cases are some of the most complex claims that can be litigated. The standards of care and evidentiary support needed to succeed with this type of claim are invariably overtly technical and scientific. Also, defective products cases usually require finding professionals with the specific expertise to evaluate the claim, determine whether liability exists and explain how it can be proven in a court of law. Given the intricate nature of product liability, it is essential that you have an experienced defective products attorney to assist you in this type of litigation. If you have been injured by what you believe could be a defective product, please contact experienced Pennsylvania products liability Geraldine Linn, Esquire, in our Pottstown office, to discuss whether you have a viable injury claim and how we can assist you with it.