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Delayed injury symptoms are not uncommon, so get treatment

A slip and hard fall to the ground can cause them. So can a perceived minor fender-bender accident in which you sustained a quick head jolt. Or as a pedestrian being struck in the torso by a car. What are they? Hidden injuries with delayed symptoms that strike you...

I fell at the supermarket – Is the store responsible?

One of the questions attorneys are asked most often is whether they are entitled to recover money damages for the injuries they have suffered as a result of falling in a grocery store, restaurant, or some other business. The answer to that question is a definite maybe...

Medical misdiagnosis is most common in three conditions

You've probably made a mistake or two at work -- but your mistakes probably never killed anyone. While most of us would admit to making errors in our employment, thankfully, most of us are not in positions where our errors can be fatal. The same can't be said by...