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Medical misdiagnosis is most common in three conditions

You've probably made a mistake or two at work -- but your mistakes probably never killed anyone. While most of us would admit to making errors in our employment, thankfully, most of us are not in positions where our errors can be fatal. The same can't be said by...

PA tort reforms show little benefit to residents after 15 years

To hear advocates for the health care system tell it, back in 2003, doctors were closing their offices, packing their bags and fleeing in droves to states where they didn’t have to worry so much about frivolous lawsuits that were driving up their medical malpractice...

Looking forward to the Fourth of July? Remember these safety rules

The Fourth of July is one of this country’s biggest annual celebrations -- but it’s also fraught with danger due to fireworks injuries. Since most people will say that the Fourth of July isn’t really the same unless there are fireworks involved, we’re offering tips...

Common errors that result in highway car accidents

Even if you do your best to avoid driving on the highway, you often have no choice. For example, if it’s the most time-efficient way to reach your destination, you’re likely to consider it. Perhaps it’s the quickest means to drive to work every day, even though you...