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Employee Training (Handbook and Policy Drafting)

An employee handbook is a guide and an ever-changing document used by employers that tells about their company policies, history and culture for current and new employees. Human Recourse experts agree that the best practice is to start a handbook as soon as you hire your first employee as it sets the company’s expectations and can protect you legally.

The following are a few of the main policies you will want to record in your employee handbook:

  1. Joining the team/onboarding
    1. Equal Employment Opportunity Statement
    2. Conflict of interest statement
    3. At-will employee clause
    4. Confidentiality agreement
  2. Code of Conduct
    1. Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment policies
    2. Dress code
    3. Substance-free workplace policy
    4. Disciplinary action clause
  3. Office Environment
    1. Your work-from-home policy
    2. Hours
    3. Lunch and break times
    4. Use of company equipment
  4. Communication policy
    1. Emails
    2. Use of internet
  5. Compensation and performance reviews
    1. Payroll schedule
    2. Deductions from pay
    3. Job classification
    4. Performance reviews
    5. Salary and bonuses
  6. Benefits
    1. Health
    2. Dental
    3. Eye
    4. 401K Plans
    5. Life Insurance Policies
    6. Vacation
  7. Termination of employment (whether voluntarily or involuntarily)
    1. Last paycheck
    2. Exit Interview

Your employee handbook is a helpful reference as it advises of your office’s culture, standards and the character of your company. If can also help you run your business. If written and used properly, the handbook can be a valuable part of your business. To make sure that you have covered your company and provided the best information possibility to your employees, contact the law offices of Rick Stock Law for assistance with writing your employee handbook.