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Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning can protect you and your family from healthcare and nursing home costs that can bankrupt a family. Long-term care encompasses a diverse list of services tailored to meet the needs of a person’s health or personal care needs. These needs can be for a short or long period of time. Nonetheless, the services assist people with living independently and safely for as long as possible when that person is unable to take care of themselves without assistance.

Long Term Care can be provided formally in the home, also known as home health care, or in a nursing facility. Neither of which is cheap. While some people think that Medicare and health insurance will cover the cost of home health care or a nursing home, that is a mistaken belief that finds most people stuck or wondering what to do next? Nursing Home costs are rising every year and a typical stay at a nursing home can be more than $102,200. The average cost for assisted living was approximately $48,612 in 2019.

If you turn to the state or federal government for assistance you will find that most families will not qualify without Long Term Care Planning measurers. In a study done by AARP in 2006, most Americans are aware of the costs associated with long-term care and overestimate the amount that government programs such as Medicare will pay. Some but very few people have Long Term Care insurance, which is nice but does not pay for the entire bill of the nursing home.

Do not wait until it is an emergency, rather plan now for your future. It will save you time, money and sleep in the long run. Long Term Care Planning does not need to be complicated if you reach out to Rick Stock Law for assistance. Our firm can assist you and your family plan for your future so that when the time comes you are ready.