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How self-proving wills help your family

The probate process in Pennsylvania is difficult enough without adding additional uncertainty to the process. One way to make things easier is to have a self-proving will. This is not as hard as you think, and it only entails a couple of extra steps. The benefits are...

Caring for special needs children after they become adults

As any parent of a special needs child knows, caring for their child is one of the more difficult and rewarding tasks they will ever face. That being said, this issue becomes even more complicated once that child turns 18 and becomes an adult. Sadly, in many cases,...

Pros and cons of irrevocable trusts

Trusts allow the grantor in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, or trust creator, to hold assets legally for a beneficiary. One type of trust is an irrevocable trust, which means the grantor cannot change it without the beneficiary's permission. Irrevocable trusts can be used in...

Guardianship matters in Pennsylvania

Guardianship is the legal process in which a court appoints a person or an institution to be the legal guardian of a person who is unable to manage their own personal, legal, medical and/or financial affairs. The guardian then has the legal right and ability to act on...