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Reasons a Millennial Should Do Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for those who are nearing retirement age. People often assume that grandparents create estate plans later in life to decide where to leave their assets -- and how to do it -- and that they don’t need to worry about estate planning until...

How to retain special needs guardianship once your child turns 18

As the parent of a minor with special needs, you have been able to protect them. However, after their 18th birthday, you will no longer automatically have that ability. If you do not take legal steps to preserve it, the law will assume your child can take care of...

Online wills could cost you more instead of saving you money

Pennsylvania Probate laws (Title 20: Decedents, Estates and Fiduciaries) discuss everything from Intestate Succession to Elective Shares of Surviving Spouses, to inheritance taxes and the procedure for administering an estate. The average individual probably doesn’t...